Presentation Training

Jo Pearson - Director, Media Strategies
Jo Pearson -
Director, Media Strategies

Our tailored presentation skills training courses and workshops are your best insurance that the next time you face an audience of clients, colleagues, delegates or analysts, you are better prepared.

Media Strategies has provided training and coaching to senior executives, management teams, individuals and celebrities for more than 15 years.

With just a few hours training, everyone from the beginner to the seasoned communicator, will have a better understanding of the psychology of communication, audience perceptions of message, tone and expression and the importance of language and structure.

Our trainers help presenters make the most of audio-visual aids to enhance, but not destroy, their personal style. We can help re-style your presentations to avoid ‘death by PowerPoint', and create video content to give presentations more impact and style.

Our courses are designed for individuals and groups, depending on their specific needs. We use video cameras and playback facilities as an essential learning tool.

For media or presentation skills training, we can bring our trainers to you, or provide courses in comfortable training facilities.

In the last year Jo has personally trained a number of our staff in presentation skills. Not only has the outcome been a major increase in confident, well planned and presented presentations it has also built the self esteem of our staff

Timothy Hossack Managing Director PacBrands UK Limited August 2010

Elements of Presentation Skills Training

Message Development and Strategic Communication

Knowing how strong internal and external communications can enhance your corporate strategy is vital. We work with clients to clarify and refine their messages, whether addressing internal or external audiences.

Reaching and reading audience and stakeholders

Understanding your audience's fears, hopes and aspirations is vital to good communication. We explore message preparation in light of prevailing attitudes and social norms.

Understanding framing and context

Cognitive linguistics has made great progress in helping us understand how profoundly modern communications are influenced by framing and language.

Understanding framing and context is vital to effective media and presentation skills, particularly when dealing with conflict and controversy. 

Validation and 'common ground' techniques

There are tried and true strategies that build agreement, rather than allowing differences to dominate. These strategies are particularly helpful in hostile communication situations.

Using criticism & conflict positively

How to turn a troublesome heckler into a communications ally. 

Clarity, simplicity and use of powerful language

It is remarkable how many individuals and organisations find it difficult to verbalise their point of difference or value proposition, powerfully and succinctly. This work in clear and plain English messaging is vital to all communications – internal and external.

Structuring presentations for impact and retention

Good communication often demands reversing what well-meaning teachers and relatives have taught us.

Stories, anecdotes and humour

How and when to use basic story-telling techniques to enhance your message.

Emotions & the subconscious

We help participants understand how the most primitive parts of the brain influence how audiences react to our message.

Putting anxiety to good use

Methods to transform fear into performance.

Dress, posture, expressiveness and body language

Neuro-linguistic programming research indicates that how you look and sound is critical to getting the right message across. We explain why you need to 'put your head and your heart on the tip of your tongue.'

Vocal quality

Cadence, intonation, pitch, pace and emphasis are vital to believability. Learn more about what your voice is revealing, and how it can be improved.

Using audio visual aids

How to avoid 'death by PowerPoint,' and make the most of modern technologies to enhance, but not destroy your personal style.

We can help re-style your presentations to better enhance your delivery, or create PowerPoint or video content to give your presentations on-screen more impact and style.